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     I've used Roehampton Carpet Cleaning Services for a few one-off cleaning projects and they always do a brilliant job. My home looks bright and fresh and it's so much easier to keep things tidy after they've been round.
Alberto Angelsy19/05/2020
     The cleaners did a great job cleaning my stubborn kitchen. Thank you very much!
Jenna F.19/09/2019
      Roehampton Carpet Cleaner did a fantastic job on my rug cleaning. No stains left at all, didn't think that would be possible.
Nicole Gent10/06/2019
     I run a small business and found that my employees were losing valuable work time which could be better served doing work duties. I decided to ring up Roehampton Carpet Cleaning Services for an estimate. I was pleased with their professional attitude to agree to have a try out. Outsourcing cleaning to this company was the best decision I could have made to increase office productivity. The price was affordable and their cleaning crews were proficient, dependable and trustworthy. They will be handling all of our cleaning needs from this day forth.
Midge Huckleberry11/09/2018
     We had a garden clearance and brought some extra stuff into the house which caused a bit of a mess. A cleaner from Roehampton Carpet Cleaner helped us take care of it. Many, many thanks.
Annabelle R.01/12/2015
     I hired Roehampton Carpet Cleaning Services to clean my carpets and they were very good. The stains and marks were gone and even the colour of the carpets was improved. I was impressed with how inexpensive the service was as well!
Mary M.14/10/2015
     I had tried so hard to clean my Armenian rug which I had inherited over 20 years ago. I called several carpet cleaning companies to enquire and I was surprised to find that only RoehamptonCarpetCleaners had actually heard of an Armenian rug. They cleaned it using modern steam equipment. The price was exceptional and the rug was restored to an almost new appearance. They also gave me some free advice on how to look after my beloved rug in the future.
Anni Armstrong24/11/2014
     I'd never really thought of myself as a particularly messy, or untidy person. I knew how to keep things more or less in order, and I found it quite simple to keep things in their place. I always thought that I was better than all my friends, but it wasn't until my mother came round and instructed me to get the kitchen done professionally, did I realize quite how much dirt and muck I've been missing out on. I called up RoehamptonCarpetCleaners and they sent someone out the next day to help me with my kitchen, and they even cleaned my oven, something that I don't think the oven has ever experienced! Everything is so shiny, I can't get over it!
Jake G.04/09/2014
     I had just completed renovating a house and wanted the builders rubbish moved and a thorough cleaning service to get it ready to sell. RoehamptonCarpetCleaners were brilliant. From start to finish the staff was helpful and polite. Nothing was too much trouble and the work was done to a high standard. The workers worked hard all day and really put a lot of effort into clearing away the mess. The cleaners swept, scrubbed, washed and polished everything until the place was immaculate. These commercial cleaners did an exceptional job at an affordable price, and I will be certainly using them again.
Robyn Ranum24/07/2014
     I never write reviews but after my carpet clean from RoehamptonCarpetCleaners I felt that I had to thank my cleaner for the fantastic job she did. My carpets are very light in colour and they pick up dirt incredibly quickly and easily, meaning that they look old and haggard in no time at all. I wanted a professional carpet cleaner who could make them look as good as new and that's just what I found! My cleaner got straight down to business and the whole process took half the time that I expected it too. I've already told all of my friends about this great service, and if you want clean carpets then definitely give these guys a call!
Brian T.08/07/2014
     I have my own student flat and have been enjoying the freedom it grants me but this comes with a hefty cos. It means that I am in charge of managing everything about it and that includes cleaning. I hate cleaning up and don't have much time for it anyway, so wanting to be responsible without doing any work I called up RoehamptonCarpetCleaners. They take care of everything for me, so I never have to worry about taking time out from my studies, my job or spending time with friends. They did such a good job my mum and dad were impressed when they visited, though I kept the cleaners my little secret.
Jacob Crowe20/06/2014
     I wanted my rugs cleaning after spotting some food and drink stains on them after a party I had held in my home. I wanted it dealt with urgently as the rugs had cost a lot of money. I called RoehamptonCarpetCleaners and they made a same day appointment to come and deal with the dilemma. The team turned up in a van with all of the relevant equipment and supplies to deal with the situation. They got to work on dealing with the stains and within no time they disappeared and the rugs came out looking almost new. The results were great and I would certainly recommend anybody considering a cleaning service to contact this company.
Julie T.26/05/2014
     I only intended on using RoehamptonCarpetCleaners as a one off because I'd had a few busy months with no spare time what so ever, but after their first visit and seeing what a great job they do I couldn't resist but book for a revisit next month, I'm now officially hooked!!! I must say for anyone who struggles to find time to attend to household duties as well as everything else in life, then it's well worth a shot. They do not charge the earth and you can have as little or as much work done as you like and it allows the extra time to concentrate on other things instead, happy!
Larissa D.08/05/2014
     I often throw dinner parties at my house for both my friends and my business associates. Whenever I do this I hire RoehamptonCarpetCleaners for a one-off clean because it leaves my home looking fantastically clean and more than impressive for my guests! I usually clean my house myself, but the professional cleaners from this company always do a really good job that I couldn't come close to. My guests always comment on how clean my house is, and it's all thanks to this company! I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who wants professional home cleaning that's reliable and affordable!
Diane R.16/04/2014
     My children have dropped fruit juices all over the carpet more than once. As a result there were odd stains all over the carpet which made it look hideous. I heard about carpet cleaning services offered by RoehamptonCarpetCleaners and decided to give them a call. They were very friendly and managed to fit me in just a few days away which was great. On the day of the clean, they were punctual and very friendly. The carpet was super clean by the end of it all and I was so surprised to see how even the old stains were all gone!
Michelle Reef28/03/2014

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